Chelsea: the Argentine president promises big investments from Todd Boehly


By: Manu Tournoux

President of Argentina for a few weeks, Javier Milei has already revolutionized the country in several areas, including football, by giving the freedom to Argentine clubs to become sports joint stock companies. “if they want to”. Recently, the president of the nation once again defended this measure and further signaled that Chelsea was interested in the idea of ​​investing in the country. The BlueCo company – owner of Chelsea – arrived in England a year and a half ago by buying the English club from former owner Román Abramovich for more than 4.6 billion euros. In March this year, it also bought Strasbourg in Ligue 1. The investment company led by Todd Boehly and his partners, Clearlake Capital, Mark Walter and Hansjörg Wyss, wants to emulate the business model practiced by the City Group and this This is why she also wants to have a club in Argentina.

“There is not just one problem… Firstly because many investments are waiting to be injected. Many international football clubs want to invest in Argentina. It goes without saying that Argentina is the cradle of tomorrow’s stars. So there are a lot of things to do with Argentine football. In a very short period of time, this could represent investments of more than a billion dollars. In this light, where we are adapting and need a quick response… Chelsea have been interested in investing in Argentina but there are other types of questions that make up this debate”Milei said in an interview with The Nation+.

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