Ancelotti set Brazil on fire


By: Manu Tournoux

Carlo Ancelotti’s contract extension at Real Madrid has triggered a real tidal wave in Brazil.

The sky fell on their heads. Early this morning due to the time difference, Brazil woke up to some funny news: the official announcement of Carlo Ancelotti’s lease extension at the White House. A real snub for the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) which had made him its favorite to take the reins of the Seleçao in 2024.

The CBF waited a year and this time is now lost », we judge on TNT Sports Brasil. But also: “ The series of vexations continues “. Or: “ The CBF is an international disgrace “. “ And now ? », asks Globo, when some compare this disillusionment to the scathing 7-1 loss against Germany in the semi-final of the 2014 World Cup played at home by the Auriverdes.

A historic series of defeats

If public opinion in Brazil would see José Mourinho as a plan B, the alternative officially does not exist since the CBF had bet everything on Carlo Ancelotti under the presidency of Ednaldo Rodrigues freshly removed from his functions by the courts for alleged irregularities in the process of his election. After Tite and Ramon Menezes, briefly, it is Fernando Diniz – the coach of Fluminense – who is in charge of the selection on an interim basis. But the person concerned recorded in the fall the worst series in the history of Brazil, seeing his team string together three losses after an already sadly historic draw against Venezuela (1-1): against Uruguay (0-2) , Colombia (1-2) and Argentina (0-1). Nothing is going well in the country of football!

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