Griezmann, doubt is confirmed


By: Nicolas Gerbault

Like Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann could see himself competing in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. But the summer calendar that presents itself to him could well prove to be very problematic.

From dream to reality, sometimes there is only one step. But this step can also be complicated to take. Antoine Griezmann could see himself participating in the next Olympic Games, organized in Paris in the summer of 2024. “ I have already said it openly, in the locker room in Madrid and sometimes here. It’s a dream for me, a goal. », he declared on September 6 at a press conference. A wish which will, however, come up against a principle of reality: the summer calendar of the French international is already extremely dense. Participating in the Olympics would only overload his schedule and there is nothing to say that his club Alético de Madrid will agree to let him play without resting all summer.

In any case, this is the point of view of Benoît Trémoulinas, who raised the subject on Wednesday evening, on the set of the channel The Team. “(Kylian) Mbappé said loud and clear that he wanted to do (the Olympics). Thierry Henry, it is not insignificant that he was chosen to coach the Espoirs. Antoine Griezmann is not trivial either. The real problem for these players is the physical side. This is the real question. There is still a Euro before. Mbappé, Griezmann, these are guys who will play and maybe come close to seventy matches. »

Authorization uncertain

Antoine Griezmann is also well aware that he will need to receive the approval of his club before possible participation in the Paris Olympic Games, which Benoît Trémoulinas did not fail to point out. “ He takes tweezers. ‘Cholo’, the Atlético coach, we know him. I’m not sure he gives him permission to play in the Olympics, knowing that today, Griezmann is a major player in his team, he’s even the best player at Atlético. So, doing the Euro and the Olympic Games seems like a lot. »

But the consultant concluded on a more positive and optimistic note: “ It’s once in a lifetime. These are players who want to make history (…), so it is understandable that they want to play (the Olympics). » It remains to be seen whether Antoine Griezmann will be given a pass to compete in the competition, perhaps alongside Kylian Mbappé.

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