Deschamps hospitalized, the latest news


By: Nicolas Gerbault

Plagued by serious back pain, Didier Deschamps chose to have surgery at the end of November. A month later, the Blues coach gave his news.

A little over three weeks ago, the draw for the group stage of Euro 2024 took place. An event for which Didier Deschamps had withdrawn, leaving it to his faithful assistant, Guy Stéphan, to make the trip to represent him in Hamburg. And if the French coach was not there, it was for a good reason, made official a few hours earlier by a press release from the French Football Federation. “ Didier Deschamps, who had been suffering from back pain for several weeks, had to undergo surgery (…) which prevented him from traveling for a few days. » A month later, the person concerned gave his news.

In an interview given to Le Figaro on Wednesday, Didier Deschamps admitted that he had been forced to take it easy after his time on the billiards table. “ I have no choice, I have to take care of myself. » For its part, the media confirmed that the former midfielder “ finds himself on forced rest ” And “ takes his troubles patiently on the Côte d’Azur where he lives “. Particularly active, the 1998 world champion and 2000 European champion with the French team, wanted to maintain a sustained pace regarding his physical activities, once his career as a professional footballer behind him. Core sessions, charity matches, not forgetting long games of padel, the Basque did not spare himself.

A busy year

I was a hyperactive kid, I needed activities to keep me active », he reminded the Figaro. But at fifty-five, his body ended up reminding him that he had to take more care of himself. One month after his back operation, the man who will be on the French bench next summer, during Euro 2024 which will be played in Germany, is however on the path to full recovery. He also has in his sights a first deadline set for January 10, with the national launch of the 35th edition of “Pieces Jaunes 2024”, of which he is the sponsor. A new year that promises to be another busy one.

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