PSG? Bernardo Silva reveals his next club


By: Manu Tournoux

Bernardo Silva has revealed he is ready to return to Benfica, but cannot do so before his Manchester City contract ends.

Silva has expressed his desire to return to Portugal, but he admits he cannot do so before his City contract expires because he is too valuable financially, and would therefore be out of Benfica’s reach. The Portuguese club’s record transfer is worth 44 million euros for Enzo Fernandez, and the attacking midfielder knows it would cost more.

Asked by In Bola on a possible return to Benfica, while rumors are rife, Bernardo Silva gave a detailed response: “ I never hid that one day I would like to go back, so of course yes. Now we will see with time what is possible and there is no point in talking about it all the time, because people get tired… We will see.”

Silva also admits that he himself is “tired” of answering the question, adding: “You know, now there are contractual issues that must be respected and… you have to live the reality, that Portuguese football at a financial level cannot compete with English, Spanish or even German and French clubs. For example, even if I wanted to go to Benfica right now, it’s totally impossible because Manchester City are asking for a lot of money to transfer me. In the last four or five years I have been a player valued at over 50 million euros and it is impossible for a Portuguese club to pay such a sum. People need to be a little realistic. »

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