Portugal, Barça: Bernardo Silva defends João Félix


By: Manu Tournoux

Criticized for many years, João Félix is ​​not yet the player he should have become but the young striker can still count on the support of his teammate, Bernardo Silva, who knows how to put the situation into perspective: “You have to understand that Atlético Madrid and Manchester City are two culturally very different clubs, I’m not saying that one is better than the other, I’m just saying that for a player like Félix and that’s not a criticism against Atlético, I arrived in an environment which corresponded exactly to my qualities, with a coach who thinks like me, who likes to have the ball, who likes to press higher. Everything was perfect for me… and Felix, due to circumstances, in my opinion, ended up going to the wrong place. People ask me: if we had gone the other way, would I have succeeded at Atlético Madrid? Maybe not”said the Manchester City player in an exclusive interview with In Bola.

Now a player for FC Barcelona, ​​the Portuguese striker returns to the forefront with the Blaugrana, to the delight of his compatriot: “Now I’m happy with what’s happening to him lately because I see him much happier and in an environment that suits his style of play more and we have to give him a little more time to do things well, because he went through a difficult phase, he himself admitted that he was in an environment that was not best suited to his career. Sometimes we make decisions and take paths that maybe we shouldn’t have taken, but that’s part of life. It is to learn, so that we become stronger. Félix is ​​a much stronger player than he was a few years ago..

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