Donnarumma, injustice denounced


By: Manu Tournoux

Former Italy goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliucas has questioned the treatment of Ginaluigi Donnarumma.

The return of Gianluigi Donnarumma to San Siro, during the Champions League match between AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, was an opportunity for Milanese fans to express their anger against the Italian goalkeeper. Indeed, the Squadra Azzurra goalkeeper left the Lombard club in 2021 to join PSG, a choice which was very poorly received by Rossoneri supporters. The latter even nicknamed him “Dollarumma” for having given in to the lure of the Parisian club, which offered him an astronomical salary.

Since arriving in Paris, Donnarumma has experienced ups and downs. He was decisive in certain matches, notably in the Champions League, but he also made some errors which were highlighted by the press. At the same time, his French counterpart Mike Maignan, who succeeded him at AC Milan, was praised by the Italian media. The French goalkeeper was also voted best goalkeeper in Serie A 2022 and is continuing his momentum this season. However, the Italian press is starting to question this difference in treatment between the two players. Former Inter Milan goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliuca was one of the voices to denounce this injustice.

“Gigio is the strongest”

Milan’s French goalkeeper is strong, but in recent matches he has made some mistakes, thus judged the winner of the 98 UEFA Cup. Between him and Donnarumma, critics use double standards. When Maignan makes mistakes, it goes unmentioned, while every mistake of Donnarumma is always highlighted and there is a tendency to massacre him, he added.

And the former Bolognese goalkeeper added: “It’s a shame that when he is decisive in a positive way like in Dortmund, where he made four decisive saves to advance to the next round in the Champions League, we don’t talk about it. For me, Gigio remains the strongest Italian goalkeeper, a legacy of our football that should be better supported and protected »

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