Djamel Belmadi’s Shocking Exit: What Really Happened Will Leave You Speechless!


By: Nicolas Gerbault

Algeria clinched a 3-1 victory against Somalia in the World Cup 2026 qualifiers yesterday. Despite the win, 47-year-old coach Djamel Belmadi seemed tense during the press conference. He took issue with a journalist whose phone rang during the conference. “After 5 and a half years, it’s tiring. We try to talk to you, but you don’t understand. You love chaos. I may stop attending press conferences, which seems to be what you want,” he remarked.

Belmadi didn’t stop there. He also criticized the poor quality of the Nelson Mandela stadium turf, as reported by La Gazette du Fennec.

“The quality of the pitch is catastrophic. Put yourself in the players’ shoes. We have a unique style of play, with short passes in tight spaces. How can we execute that on this pitch? Playing at home is becoming a disadvantage. We have a beautiful stadium and loyal fans, but we lack the essential element, the pitch. We don’t even train on the eve of the match to get our bearings. Give us a good pitch. The pitch is not an excuse, it’s a reality. Playing at home is no longer an advantage,” he asserted.

The message has been delivered…

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