Bernardo Silva not ready to leave Man City!


By: Manu Tournoux

Manchester City’s brilliant Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva is reportedly looking to return to the fold. But not immediately.

Manchester City pocket midfielder Bernardo Silva has said a comeback to his club Benfica is part of his career plan. This is even his short-term objective while some sent him to Barcelona or PSG.

Bernardo Silva will not move before 2026

In an interview with Bola, the former Monegasque confided: “Of course I want to come back and I hope it will happen one day (…), but at the moment it would be impossible because Manchester City would ask for a lot of money.”

“I am a player valued at more than 50 million (euros). No Portuguese club can pay this amount. If I come back, it will be at the end of my contract,” he added. Bernardo Silva is even valued at 80 million euros according to the transfermarkt site. And his contract with the reigning European champions does not expire until 2026.

And what about Barcelona, ​​the club that has long sought him out? “When I was young, I saw Barça made up of young players, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, and coached by Pep. It was a source of inspiration for me. Watching a Barcelona game was definitely an inspiration and one of my dreams was for Pep to coach me“. A dream which eventually came true and which partly explains his loyalty to the Eastlands.

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