PSG: Lionel Charbonnier turns on Luis Enrique regarding Gianluigi Donnarumma


By: Manu Tournoux

It’s sometimes difficult to quantify the value of Gianluigi Donnarumma’s current season with PSG. Very often criticized for his footing errors and damaging shifts in concentration, the Italian goalkeeper nonetheless remains imperious on his line and will have had several XXL encounters since the start of the season. One thing seems certain, however: despite the good performances of Arnau Tenas, who took advantage of Donnarumma’s suspension after his expulsion from Le Havre to highlight himself, the former AC Milan goalkeeper is the number 1 option of Luis Enrique to keep the Parisian goals this season. And the symbiosis is real between Donnarumma and his coach whom he recently praised in the JDD.

An idyll that does not seem to be unanimous in everyone’s eyes. On the airwaves of RMCLionel Charbonnier, world champion in 1998, made a deadly outing to criticize the management of the Italian goalkeeper by the former Spain coach: “I was one of the first to hit him last season, because he wasn’t decisive on the first saves he had to make. This year, he reversed the trend. I find it decisive. He has reached a milestone. I find him very good on his line. For me, he has extraordinary abilities, he has incredible reflexes. But with Luis Enrique’s game design, he is very poorly exploited. The Spanish coach will have to change his principle. With this principle of play, he puts Donnarumma in difficulty. The one who is not good is Luis Enrique.»

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