MU: the destruction of Old Trafford is envisaged


By: Manu Tournoux

Like its failing team, Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford, is falling into ruins. Built in 1909, the Mancunian enclosure has undergone numerous works and renovations but it does not seem to be enough. Indeed, as reported The Telegraph, sources close to Jim Ratcliffe, new minority shareholder of the Red Devils, announced that there would be a reflection on the future given to the historic stadium of the English team. Between new renovation and construction of a new stadium, two hypotheses will be addressed. A team led by Populous, the firm which created the Tottenham stadium, has been commissioned by the club since April to establish a guideline.

The general director of Populous, Chris Lee, notably took a position in favor of a new construction and the destruction of the old Red Devils enclosure after the work: “I think new construction may well prove to be the most cost-effective solution. Yes, the initial capital outlay is obviously the highest of the three options, but there is so much land available to develop out there. They could continue to use the existing ground while construction works are underway, meaning there will be no drop in matchday revenue.” In any case according to Chris Lee, it seems unimaginable to leave Old Trafford as it currently is: “the building is reaching the end of its natural lifespan. The wiring, the power supply, everything is close to its expiration date. And the interiors are very cramped and difficult in places. I would say the update is crucial not only to maintain the position of the club, but simply to keep the venue functional.”

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