OL will have to pay dearly


By: Manu Tournoux

If Lyon observed a clear sporting rebound before the break under the orders of Pierre Sage, the case of Fabio Grosso is not yet resolved.

In the last 35 years, never has an OL coach survived such a short time on the Rhone bench. Appointed on September 16 at the helm of a team until then led by Laurent Blanc, Fabio Grosso was dismissed on November 30, two and a half months later. The time for him to officiate over seven matches – for a record of one victory, two draws and four defeats – and to undergo an assault from the Gones coach in Marseille.

Under contract until next June, the Italian technician may have been removed from the Lyon locker room, but his situation is not resolved yet. Le Progrès thus reports that the person concerned is demanding compensation for the damage suffered and this somewhat rapid dismissal. The desired severance pay would be between 1.5 and 2 million euros, suggests the aforementioned regional daily. Compensation which must also concern the deputies Raffaele Longo, Francesco Vaccariello, Vittorio Carello and Mauro Carretta.

Wise, a temporary worker who also pays

In the meantime, it is indeed Pierre Sage who is at the head of OL, with an ongoing series of three league successes to his credit which has allowed the Lyonnais to escape the red zone. Here again, the interim of the former director of the training center, expected to last, is not without cost for the Gones. As the person concerned does not hold either the Professional Football Coaching Certificate (BEPF) or the UEFA A License, Lyon must pay a fine of 25,000 euros to the Federation for each match. French football.

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