“Give me your wife, Messi!” » earned him exclusion from the Argentine selection


By: Manu Tournoux

A player is no longer summoned to the Argentine selection for having dared to disrespect Lionel Messi.

The life of the Argentinian selection during the World Cup in Qatar was not a smooth ride. It was also disrupted by some internal incidents. An incident with which Lionel Messi, the star of the team, is indirectly associated.

He attacked Messi’s honor

Shocking details have just been revealed about disputes that have arisen within the Albiceleste group. And they primarily concern Papu Gomez, the current AC Monza player. The latter dared to disrespect La Pulga. And it is for this reason that he has not been called up for the selection since. And not because of any doping affair.

According to the show “A la Tarde”, Gomez slipped during the celebrations following Argentina’s victory against the Netherlands on penalties. He shouted out loud and among his teammates: “Give me Antonella!” » He was of course referring to Messi’s wife!

Scaloni immediately kicked him out of the group

The affair aroused the anger of Messi and all the Argentinian staff and players. Gomez then emerged as a troublemaker inside a locker room that had until then been united and supportive. It was then that he became unwanted in the group of three-time world champions. Lionel Scaloni, the coach, no longer called on his services.

This incident was added to other accusations that had been made against the former Atalanta player. Like those which suggested that he used black magic to prevent Giovani Lo Celso from joining the Argentinian list for the World Cup.

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