Atlético: Luis Aragonés’ son pays tribute to Antoine Griezmann


By: Manu Tournoux

The legendary status of Antoine Griezmann no longer needs to be proven, but everything became concrete on December 19, 2023. That day, the Frenchman scored a double at the Metropolitano, during the 3-3 draw against Getafe, thus equalizing the 173 goals of another immense myth, Luis Aragonés, Colochneros’ all-time top scorer. Questioned by the newspaper MarcaAragonés’ son returned to this performance: “I felt joy. Remembering my father means keeping him alive. I couldn’t watch the game against Getafe, but when I heard that Griezmann had matched my father, I felt emotional. For my father, because of the values ​​he instilled, individual goals take second place. That’s good, but football is a team sport.”

Nevertheless, Luis Aragonés Fils, who bears the same name as his father, was keen to settle the debate between the French and the Spaniard: “Griezmann is a magnificent footballer. He is extraordinary. Maybe more complete because now there are better workouts. They are both intelligent and know how to position themselves well on the pitch. My father took free kicks better. He was the leader of the locker room. He had a lot more determination. It had great depth. You are born with the capacity for leadership and my father was born with it. Griezmann is missing something to reach this level.he then concluded.

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