The fastest players in the Champions League


By: Manu Tournoux

Like every year during the holidays, we offer you slightly lighter content! On Christmas Eve, it’s time to rank the fastest players. Last year, it was the top 10 arrows from the 2018 World Cup in Qatar, this year, we present to you the fastest players in the Champions League! This 2023 vintage is of high quality with 3 French players, make yourself comfortable, don’t forget your belt, it’s going to shake up! We start gently with a regular of this kind of top. We need no introduction, Achraf Hakimi is one of the fastest full-backs on the football planet. Under Luis Enrique, the PSG player plays in a hybrid role where he fits into the midfield. In the Champions League, it’s a little different. More defensive, the Moroccan does not forget to devour the space in his lane when the opportunity presents itself. Hakimi was flashed at 35.4km/h.

In 9th place, it is logical that we find Theo Hernandez, the left back of AC Milan. Renowned for his offensive and defensive rushes, the Frenchman crossed paths with Achraf Hakimi during the confrontation against PSG in the group stage. In the past, the two men had crossed swords during the Milan derbies. Lucas’ brother was reported going 35.4 km/h. In 8th position, we find, to everyone’s surprise, Sandro Tonali from Newcastle. The Italian maestro was caught by the patrol at no less than 35.5 km/h against PSG. He was even voted the fastest player of the 2nd day that evening. A priori, the Italian should not improve this record for a little while. We recall that the player is suspended for 10 months following a dark betting affair.

The PSG group in the Champions League very well represented!

The 2nd in this ranking is none other than Kylian Mbappé! Like Cristiano Ronaldo, the Frenchman seems to have abandoned his speed a little for other aspects of his game. It still remains one of his strong points since he was caught by the patrol at 36, 1km/h. This is slower than his sprint against Argentina where he reached the crazy speed of 37.6 km/h. Which certainly cost him first place… for the benefit of Karim Adeyemi who is the big winner of this year 2023! His meteoric acceleration against Chelsea will go down in history. Enzo Fernandez still remembers it.

In a 40-meter sprint with a top speed of 36.3 km/h, the supersonic winger from Dortmund broke all records this season. His secret? Genetics and nutrition. “I eat a lot of African food, I have good genetics from my father. Foufou, from Nigeria. It’s very good. This is a typical West African dish, a sort of mash/paste made from bananas, cassava or corn.he confided after his historic goal.

Watch the video above to see the rest of the Top 10 fastest players in the Champions League in 2023.

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