SHOCKING New Scandal Rocks Neymar’s World! You won’t believe what he’s done this time!


By: Nicolas Gerbault

Neymar caught in new scandal: exploitation of former employee

Neymar has found himself in yet another controversy, but this time it’s not about gossip from the tabloids about his love life or clashes with his teammates as it has been in the past. This time, it’s a much more serious matter. Indeed, Le Parisien reported that the Al-Hilal star, who is out for the rest of the season due to a recent knee injury, has been taken to court by a former housekeeper who worked for him during his time at Paris Saint-Germain.

The newspaper explains that the Brazilian mother of a 35-year-old family has accused the striker of simply exploiting her for nearly two years. She worked at Neymar’s home from January 2021 to October 2022 without a work contract and without being declared. In extreme conditions: working seven days a week, receiving cash payments, unpaid overtime, no days off, and no medical care even though she was pregnant. Some would call it modern slavery.

She even claims that she was forced to work up to fifteen days before giving birth. She had to do tasks such as cleaning or even doing the nails of the player’s partner, and worked over 20 hours more than what is allowed by law for domestic workers. These hours, as mentioned earlier, were not paid. The mother, however, has documented all her workdays and hours, and is demanding €368,000 from Neymar. She has even threatened to take the matter to court.

After giving birth last October, she had no further contact with the player or his entourage, and had to turn to various charitable organizations for help in feeding her children. The media reports statements from the woman’s lawyers, who tried to reach a settlement amicably. However, they did not receive a response. “Neymar exploited the vulnerability of our client to impose degrading working conditions on her, in violation of elementary labor law rules. We regret that such a personality could show so much inhumanity, even going so far as to kick out our client from his home just a few days before she gave birth prematurely, when she complained of pain. We now intend to give this case the criminal consequences it deserves,” they explained. A very messy affair for Neymar…

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