Ronaldo, the like that can change everything


By: Manu Tournoux

While the Super League project received the blessing of justice this week, football could see major upheavals soon.

The European Court of Justice ruled this Thursday, deeming the monopoly of UEFA and FIFA illegal in its sanctions protocol against possible dissidents. In fact, the Champions League and other continental or international competitions may well face competition from a third party with the same players. A verdict making it possible for clubs previously affiliated with UEFA to join the Super League.

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Napoli have expressed their renewed interest in this major semi-closed league which would ensure them a privileged and almost permanent place in the European elite. However, such a project cannot be without consequences for the most modest clubs. Also the appeal of a Montenegrin third division club, Fans United, has not gone unnoticed on the Web these days.

“Don’t take away our dreams”

Please don’t take away our dreams. Don’t let the Super League be created. Let us and all the small clubs continue to dream “, proclaims the club based in Podgorica on social networks, “ a small club with big hopes » who believes that the Super League “ threatens his dream “, the one ” small clubs to participate in big tournaments “. A cry from the heart liked on Instagram by Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo. Two supporters, from two different generations, who necessarily weigh.

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