Benzema costs a lot in Saudi Arabia


By: Manu Tournoux

Karim Benzema is no longer spared from criticism in Saudi Arabia. Quite the contrary…

The state of grace is already over for Karim Benzema. Six months after his arrival in Saudi Arabia, in the ranks of Al-Ittihad, the 2022 Ballon d’Or is facing numerous criticisms for his average performance and his limited investment on and off the field.

A keen observer of Saudi football and star commentator in the kingdom, Walid Al-Farraj is not kind to the former Merengue and Blues scorer. “ The gap between Benzema and the public is growing day by day. He didn’t play and never managed to make a single difference. And above all, he makes no effort, as if telling the audience: “I’m just having fun with you” », Judges the latter in an interview with Goal Arabia.

“As if the team didn’t like him”

Mute on Saturday in a Saudi Pro League match, KB9 once again saw his team sink in the championship – a failure that has become common for the Jeddah club, which is coming out of a failed Club World Cup, interrupted at the stage of the second round against the Egyptians from Al Ahly. “ When Ronaldo arrived in January, he showed signs he wanted to play, but Benzema offered nothing. It’s like the team doesn’t like him. He is uncomfortable. I don’t know the reason », Continues Walid Al-Farraj.

In the eyes of the critic, Karim Benzema since his arrival in Saudi Arabia “ did not provide anything remarkable ”, behaving like a “ guest of honor “. In 21 outings with Al-Ittihad so far, the Rhone striker has scored 13 goals. Under contract for three seasons in Jeddah, the former French international earns 200 million euros per year.

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