Dortmund: the locker room under threat of an XXL fine in the event of excess during the holidays


By: Manu Tournoux

Turkey will be no exception. As the holiday season has arrived, Borussia Dortmund players will have to pay attention to their line. In difficulties recently, the current fifth in the Bundesliga has put in place regulations aimed at dissuading Edin Terzic’s men from letting go too much during the end-of-year holidays. Indeed, the BVB management has imposed weight control on its players and above all a particularly strict scale of fines. Thomas Meunier explains it to the RTBF.

“We were weighed during the last training and this will be done at the start. The price is known: a fine of 1000 euros is provided for per kilo taken then, from a certain level, we increase to 1000 euros… per 100 grams!”explains the former Paris Saint-Germain right-back. “Without mentioning the name, I know one that cost 10,000 euros. We told him: ‘You have one week and if you lose the kilos, we will reduce the fine’… and he succeeded!, Thomas Meunier finally laughs. Borussia players have been warned.

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