Very heavy punishment for FC Barcelona?


By: Manu Tournoux

The sky could fall on the heads of FC Barcelona once again weighed down by its economic situation. The Spanish club could be deprived of the Champions League for several years.

Two and a half years after the election of Joan Laporta as president of FC Barcelona, ​​has the economic situation of the Catalan club improved compared to what it was under the leadership of Josep Maria Bartomeu, his predecessor who resigned in October 2020? Not so sure according to information from Germany. So much so that according to Die Welt, the Blaugrana club could simply be removed from the list of potential participants in the next Champions League. And also subsequent editions.

To explain its findings, the German media mentioned accounting statements which would not be in line with the UEFA financial regulations. Without being precise, he suggested that, if Barcelona did indeed announce last September that it had made a net profit of 304 million euros on its latest balance sheet, the regulations of the European body differ and clearly specify that this famous balance sheet must only include sales linked to football activity. What Barça would not have done by adding, for example, the profits generated by its other sports sections.

Recovery in progress

For Die Welt, UEFA officials would be ready to take severe sanctions against FC Barcelona which could notably be deprived of the Champions League for the next three years. While the Catalan club continues to work on restoring its financial situation, it remains to be seen whether it will manage to convince UEFA not to sanction it, while remaining within the framework of financial fair play.

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