Giroud, end clap?


By: Nicolas Gerbault

Olivier Giroud could say goodbye to the France team after Euro 2024.

What if Olivier Giroud played his last matches in the blue jersey this summer during Euro 2024 in Germany? It’s a hypothesis that could well take shape… At the end of his contract with AC Milan on June 30, the top scorer in the history of the France team has still not returned. And a departure at the end of the season is not excluded.

According to information from the Gazzetta dello Sport, Olivier Giroud will make a decision regarding his future next spring. If a contract extension with the Rossoneri remains an option, the 37-year-old striker does not close the door to a transfer to MLS. A departure for the United States which would most likely spell the end of his story with the France team.

“If we win it, I will bow out”

At the beginning of December, the former Montpellier had suggested on RMC that he could end his international career after the Euro. “I miss this Euro. If we win it, I will bow out, he confided. This may also be the case if we don’t follow through. I enjoy every moment. I said with some guys that if we won the 2022 World Cup, I would retire. But I’m hungry for titles with my country. I have many hopes and ambitions. If it goes well, it may be a possibility. »

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