Furious, the new president of Corinthians makes a revelation about the transfer of Moscardo to PSG


By: Manu Tournoux

This winter, the Paris Saint-Germain transfer window will have a strong Brazilian accent. The capital club is finalizing the arrivals of São Paulo defender Lucas Beraldo (€20m + €5m) and Corinthians defensive midfielder Gabriel Moscardo. Concerning the latter, we revealed to you that an agreement was almost reached between Paris and Timão for a transfer of €22 million plus €3 million in bonuses. Replacing Dulio Monteiro and new president of the Corinthians, Augusto Melo had confirmed the probable departure of his 18-year-old nugget who recently came to spend a few days in the French capital with his girlfriend.

“He is a player with little time in the professional world, I would like him to stay much longer. But unfortunately the cycle has arrived (at its end, editor’s note), his head is elsewhere too, he has been given the freedom to choose, may he be happy. We are heading towards that”. Melo also has a lot of trouble seeing Moscardo leave. Asked by ESPN Brazilthe new boss of the Paulista team revealed the truth about this transaction and he did not hesitate to criticize the management of the former president, guilty of having deprived the Brazilian club of a much juicier sale.

The discord release clause

“This player has a contract. All other players saw their salaries increased, as did their release clauses. Why didn’t they do the same thing with this player? When the current president called me to discuss this subject, I told him that I was against his departure. I don’t want to sell it. The kid had a good three or four months. I even spoke with the player. I told him: “I am against your transfer, you still have a lot to offer Corinthians, you have to mature, give us titles. You can go to the Olympic Games, go to Selection A.” That being said, we could have sold it for €40.45 million. I remained in this posture of not wanting to sell it. There was a new conversation, I again said no to an offer of €20 million, except that we (the future management team, editor’s note) were not aware of the release clause. Unfortunately, the fact is that today the amount of the release clause is lower than what we are being offered. So if we don’t accept, the kid will leave at a lower price. This will no longer happen in 2024, we will be very vigilant about contracts”he confided, before concluding.

“When you understand football, you see the player’s first half of the season and you see the manager bring him up to the first team, these changes should have been made. It wouldn’t have cost anything and we would have been in a more comfortable situation. Now European clubs can come, pay the clause and it’s over. When we came to talk to us to find out if we would accept this transfer, the offer was €20 million. From the moment I said no, it rose to €22 million. My refusal helped to get a better price, because otherwise it was going for €20 million. But there is clearly harm because of this inferior clause. » Moscardo will therefore fly to Paris and Melo will harbor a certain resentment against his predecessor for a long time.

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