Cissé defends Mbappé


By: Manu Tournoux

Former French striker, Djibril Cissé, believes that Kylian Mbappé’s performances are being trivialized too much.

Last Wednesday, during PSG’s match against Metz, Kylian Mbappé scored his 17th and 18th goals of the season in Ligue 1. The performance is enormous, but it does not seem to impress everyone. Some people say that it’s his job and that it’s no surprise that he’s so successful.

“Mbappé? It’s not easy to be so efficient”

This speech annoys a certain Djibril Cissé. The former footballer, who himself finished as best director in Ligue 1, believes that the Parisian star’s performances are not being valued at their true value.

“Scoring goals in a single season, we can say that a player is having a good season. But he (Mbappé, editor’s note), he’s been doing it for quite a few seasons, began by recalling Cissé on the L’Equipe channel. And it’s at a stratospheric level. And it’s not easy, I’m in a good position to say that. And to say that because it is Mbappé that he will score in every match. No, that’s not how it works. And it’s not as easy to be effective and decisive in all matches. It’s not easy… You shouldn’t believe that it’s normal.”

Present on the same set, Ludovic Obraniak did not agree with this opinion. For him, Mbappé evolves in spheres where he simply must be. “It’s almost normal that in our Ligue 1, he is up to his standards. When we see what Bellngham, Haaland and Kane are doing in tougher championships… He is in his own standards, in what he has wanted to be for several years. But I will not trivialize his hat-trick in the World Cup final. That impresses me. But with 18 goals in L1, he is one of the knights of the round table. He’s in the big leagues. He told us he was better.”

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