FIFA ranking: Argentina ends 2023 on top, France in ambush


By: Nicolas Gerbault

This Thursday, FIFA will unveil its latest ranking for the year 2023. One year after its coronation in the final of the 2022 World Cup, Argentina will spend the holidays warm, firmly established in first place. Behind, France remains in ambush and occupies the second step of the podium. For its part, England completes the top three and remains in third place while Belgium, fourth, and Brazil, fifth, are in a tight spot.

Since only 11 matches have been played since the last ranking established at the end of November, the positions remain unchanged within the top 10. Falling from Venezuela (1-0) and Mexico (3-2) in a friendly, Colombia completes its year 2023 on a positive note and climbs to 14th place. Finally, Panama made the best progress of the year, gaining 20 places compared to 2022 (41st).

The Top 10:

  1. Argentina: 1855.20 pts

  2. France : 1845.44 pts

  3. England : 1800.05 pts

  4. Belgium : 1798.46 pts

  5. Brazil : 1784.09 pts

  6. The Netherlands : 1745.48 pts

  7. Portugal : 1745.06 pts

  8. Spain : 1732.64 pts

  9. Italy : 1718.82 pts

  10. Croatia : 1717.57 pts

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