FC Barcelona: things are starting to heat up for João Félix


By: Manu Tournoux

The adventure started very well. When João Félix dropped off his bags at Barcelona, ​​there was a mixture of enthusiasm and skepticism around what the Portuguese could do under Xavi. But quite quickly, the Portuguese striker showed that he could bring many things to Barça. He was thus very quickly decisive during the matches played in September, with this double and this decisive pass against Antwerp in particular, while he was already coming out of a big match against Betis.

But as the season progresses, it is clear that the one who still belongs to Atlético de Madrid is starting to slow down. This Thursday, the day after Barça’s lackluster victory against Almeria (3-2), he is still featured in the Spanish media, and not for the best reasons. The newspapers of the Iberian country initially did not fail to point out that Xavi took it out during the break. In particular, he would have been too nonchalant in recovering on the first goal of the Andalusian team, which annoyed his coach.

The press begins to tackle

It is not only on this goal where the Portuguese has things to reproach himself for, since over the 45 minutes played yesterday, he was not really sparkling. “Those who say that Félix is ​​a terribly inconsistent player, and that this is what has prevented him from making a leap in quality in recent seasons, are more right than ever after this match against Almeria”can we read in Sport For example. “His reputation as an inconsistent player accompanied him during this Blaugrana era”explains for his part A.S..

Suffice to say that his situation will be monitored very closely after the truce. As local media indicate, he can count on the support of Joan Laporta, who had made his arrival in Barcelona a personal matter, he who is very close to Jorge Mendes. The latest news is that Catalan management still wants to keep him at the end of his loan. But what does Xavi really think? To be continued…

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