A new massive revolt is being organized to destroy the Super League!


By: Manu Tournoux

Popular revolt, disavowal of football players, threats from UEFA and political interventions, the Super League project, launched for the first time in 2021, ultimately only lasted 48 hours. Could the humiliation happen again at the dawn of the 2023 end-of-year holidays? More than ever relaunched after the verdict handed down this Thursday by the Court of Justice of the European Union, the format defended by Real or even Barça still does not seem to be unanimous. Far from it. While the promoter company A22 Sports has just presented (the details of a new open European competition with 64 clubs divided into three leagues)((https://www.footmercato.net/a4717663581832828676-les-nouvelles-regles-de- la-super-league-revelees), many European clubs do not hesitate to break the silence to express their disagreement. Announced as a candidate interested in this new formula, Olympique de Marseille, through the voice of its president Pablo Longoria , quickly expressed his concern.

The big names of Europe are rising (again) against the Super League!

“For all those involved in the world of football, this was expected since you cannot make different rules between football, basketball or athletics. The decision does not open the door to the Super League at any time. I spent the whole morning analyzing the sentence… One thing is clear: the decision reminds everyone of the need for dialogue in European football. I consider that having three or four competitions organized by so many different organizers is a football disaster. If this is the case, I see a difficult future for the world of football. This is not the time for division”as such, launched the Spaniard before brushing aside his intention to participate. “This is completely false. There is not a single serious conservation on this theme. This is why we presented our application to the ECA, to try to propose changes. On the question of the Super League and OM, I would like to completely deny it”. In line with the Marseille reaction, other big names in Europe have also come out of silence.

“Our position has not changed. We remain fully committed to participation in UEFA competitions and positive cooperation with UEFA, the Premier League and other clubs through the ECA for the continued development of European football., recalled Manchester United, currently in 7th place in the English championship. Already opposed to this project in 2021, Bayern Munich also reiterated its firm position regarding the Super League. “We have taken note of the ruling of the European Court of Justice. However, this does not change the attitude of FC Bayern and the ECA that such a competition would represent an attack on the importance of the national leagues and the statics of European football. (…) It is therefore our duty and our deep conviction to strengthen them and not to weaken them. We also support European club competitions under the auspices of UEFA. It is therefore once again very clear: the door to the Super League at FC Bayern remains closed.

A rejection also expressed by the LFP and the ECA!

A clear message also sent by Atlético de Madrid. “The European football family does not want the European Super League. Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain (except Real Madrid and Barcelona), etc. They don’t want a Super League. We are in favor of protecting the big family of European football, protecting the national leagues and, through them, qualifying for European competitions on the field every season.. In Spain, many clubs have already communicated publicly. Thus, Granada, Valencia, Cadiz, Villarreal, Valladolid and even Sevilla have also rejected this new impetus given to the Super League. Just like Braga in Portugal. In Italy, AS Roma did the same. “Following today’s ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Super League case, AS Roma reaffirms its position regarding the values ​​and future of European football. The Club does not under any circumstances support a Super League project which would represent an unacceptable attack on the importance of national leagues and the foundations of European football. AS Roma is convinced that the future and well-being of European football can only be ensured by the joint work of the clubs through the ECA, in close collaboration and partnership with UEFA and FIFA.. A rejection also visible across the Rhine where Hans-Joachim Watzke, general director of Borussia Dortmund, did not go out of his way to clarify the intentions of the Marsupials.

“Borussia Dortmund will examine the CJEU decision in detail as soon as we have received the full reasons for the decision. However, we are already convinced that the conclusions to be drawn from the CJEU’s judgment do not correspond to those currently circulating in the media. It is not for nothing that the CJEU clarified in its press release, among other things, that the decision does not mean that a competition such as the Super League must necessarily be authorized. For Borussia Dortmund, whatever the discussions surrounding the decision, the following rule applies: we are not available for a Super League., we can read in the BvB press release. For its part, the Premier League has also broken its silence. “The Premier League notes today’s judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the case involving the ‘European Superleague Company’, FIFA and UEFA. This is an important decision and we will now examine its implications for the game in detail. The decision does not endorse the so-called ‘European Super League’ and the Premier League continues to reject any such concept. Supporters are vitally important to football and have repeatedly made clear their opposition to a ‘breakaway’ competition which severs the link between domestic and European football..

New fiasco to come?

If the decision rendered by the Court of Justice of the European Union did not fail to delight Barça and Real, the project defended by the Madrilenians and the Catalans is therefore still very widely criticized. A slingshot also visible at the level of the instances. With this in mind, Vincent Labrune, president of the Professional Football League, was quick to speak out to support UEFA. “The Professional Football League unequivocally supports the competitions organized by UEFA. Nothing can replace the legitimacy, credibility and prestige of European competitions as they have been organized for more than 60 years now. We are very attached to the principles of sporting merit which must govern the organization of our sport: whether in the context of qualifications for European competitions, but also more generally to the principles of promotions/relegations. If football is today the biggest sport on the planet, it is precisely because it has been able to create the foundations for simple, clear and transparent competitions. Nothing can go against this intangible principle which is to be able to give everyone the right to “dream” and to be able to reach the top of the sporting pyramid”, assured the former president of OM. Same story with the European Club Association (ECA), chaired by Nasser al-Khelaïfi.

European football is “more united than ever against the attempts of a few individuals to relaunch private tournament projects”notably affirmed the ECA before adding that the judgment of the European Court of Justice invalidating the rules opposed in 2021 by UEFA to a first attempt at a competing competition “does not support or approve in any way any Super League project”and “major reforms” have been carried out in the meantime. Raised on the question, the president of PSG (club opposed to the Super League) also appeared alongside Aleksander Ceferin. “They see it as a victory but I don’t see it at all. The decision has nothing to do with the Super League”, launched the leader of the Ile-de-France club and the ECA. “All stakeholders in Europe stand together with the same objective… (The decision of the CJEU) will simply make us better and stronger”launched NAK, also very cash at the time of expressing himself in the shoes of the boss of the Rouge et Bleu. “Paris Saint-Germain totally and completely rejects any plans for a so-called Super League, which has been the case since day one and always will be. As a proud European institution, PSG supports the principles of the European sporting model, the values ​​of open competition and inclusion, and works with all recognized stakeholders of European football – especially with supporters and players, who are at the heart of heart of football”.

In Ligue 1, AS Monaco also expressed its disagreement. “Following the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union, AS Monaco wishes to express its full attachment to the principle of sporting merit which governs UEFA and French championship competitions. AS Monaco will continue to work with Ligue 1 clubs within the Professional Football League, and other clubs through the ECA in order to participate, progressively and collectively, in the development of football., we can read in the press release from the asemist club. Ready to fight, the authorities, clubs and even associations do not hesitate to speak out to reaffirm their position regarding this project which could revolutionize the football planet. If reactions against this Super League should multiply in the hours to come, Bernd Reichart, boss of A22 Sports, wanted to reach out to UEFA, recalling his intention to cooperate with all football players.

“Our initiative wants to strengthen the clubs, wants to give them the power to decide their own destiny but also strengthen them financially. This also strengthens the clubs financially within the domestic leagues. This must be and will be positive for the domestic leagues too. We reach out to all members of the football family. For 18 months we have been conducting an open dialogue with everyone who wants to talk about the problems and potential solutions. And that includes UEFA. I’ve done it in the past and would love to do it again.”. Response from Aleksander Ceferin? “I hope they start their fantastic competition as soon as possible with two clubs. I saw some press articles today from English fans calling it “The Zombie League”… They can create whatever they want”. The framework is set. The risk of a new fiasco is looming…

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