PSG: the president of São Paulo no longer has any illusions about the future of Lucas Beraldo


By: Manu Tournoux

Paris Saint-Germain is very active in Brazil. The capital club is in fact finalizing the arrival of two great Brazilian talents, namely the defensive midfielder from Corinthians, Gabriel Moscardo (€22 million + €3 million), and the defender from São Paulo, Lucas Beraldo (€20 million + €5 million). Concerning the latter, the president of the SPFC, Julio Casares, did not confirm the advanced discussions with Paris, but he indicated that a departure of his player remained a fairly probable scenario.

“In the case of Beraldo, Pablo, Diego, Welington, they all left a legacy, they were part of the conquests of 2021 and the Brazilian Cup. Today, to get a player like that, you need the will of the player and that of the institution. It has to be a really good offer or we won’t do it. If a profitable offer arises, there is no other solution. If we receive a good offer, a written and serious offer, we will discuss it. There is no question of not selling the player if the offer cannot be refused. Firstly because the player wants to leave, and there is always a risk of injury, a drop in production, and secondly because we know that we cannot throw money out the window when it arrives. in a structured way. We have the duty to refuse a request for a lower price. Now, if an offer X, Y or Z comes to us, we will discuss it and evaluate whether it is suitable for the institution and the player”he confided in comments relayed by ESPN.

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