Miss France with a player from the French team, the shocking publication


By: Nicolas Gerbault

Just elected Miss France 2024, Eve Gilles was associated with a player from the French team.

Eve Gilles caused a sensation on Saturday. At 20, the Dunkirk native became the 94e Miss France, succeeding Indira Ampiot. A mathematics student, the Northerner has been making appearances since this weekend and must face numerous reflections on her physique, considered atypical by some.

It’s annoying me,” she confided on Monday evening, adding: “I’m human, so it affects me, but I was immediately able to bounce back because I talked about it to those around me, I I spoke to my parents, to the Miss Nord Pas-de-Calais committee, who immediately helped me to get better, to go beyond the criticism and that’s also what helped me for Miss France.»

But Eve Gilles also has to deal with a rumor by becoming an international footballer. The fault lies with a publication from the “Cœurs de foot” account on Facebook, which saluted the coronation of the young woman by publishing a photo montage with the new Miss France on one side and Elisa de Almeida, central defender and left side at PSG and with Les Bleues, who also wears short hair. “ Congratulations to Eve Gilles, Miss France 2024, who proves that you can be elected and/or play football, even with short hair, no offense to some.” was it written. This montage visibly sowed confusion among Internet users, for whom the two young women were one and the same person.

Professional footballer then Miss France, wow! “, “Miss France and footballer please”, “ Will she have to interrupt her international career? These are some of the comments left by Internet users. This confusion has also given rise to a very significant volume of searches on the occurrences “Miss France + football” or “Miss France + football player”.

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