Mbappé is “ridiculous”, a Ligue 1 coach lets go!


By: Manu Tournoux

Brest coach Eric Roy castigated Kylian Mbappé’s attitude during PSG’s victory in Brest (2-3) at the end of last October.

Eric Roy did not appreciate it and made it known… Target of insults and other insults from the Brest public, last October 29 during PSG’s success over Brest (2-3), Kylian Mbappé had not private to respond to his detractors. Author of a double during this match, the kid from Bondy in turn shocked the Breton public after scoring the winning goal, then when he left the field.

An attitude that clearly did not please Eric Roy, who made a tackle on the captain of the Blues during an interview with the daily newspaper The Team. “ Concerning Kylian Mbappé, I would never have spoken about him, if I had not been asked what I thought of his attitude, which I found ridiculous.said the Brest technician.

“There will always be idiots in a stadium”

And to add another layer: “As a player and a coach, I have often been insulted, but I have never addressed the public. Football is a reflection of society and there will always be idiots in a stadium. » Kylian Mbappé’s provocations towards the Stade Brestois public also earned him numerous criticisms after the match.

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