Man City: Pep Guardiola responds to rumor sending him to the Spain bench


By: Manu Tournoux

He is perhaps the greatest Spanish coach in history. However, there is nothing to indicate that he will one day take charge of the Iberian selection. On the Manchester City bench since 2017 now, Pep Guardiola has often been linked to various transfer rumors, sometimes even sending him to selection benches like Brazil or Spain. Present at a press briefing this Wednesday, the former Barça coach responded to rumors in the corridors talking about his potential arrival on the Roja bench. By formally recalling that he felt good in his club, despite the zone of turbulence currently going through.

I’m really happy to be here with this club (Manchester City). Really, really happy. I still have one year of contract left. I hope they don’t fire me and I can stay herehe indicated. And to continue: Leading Spain? I repeat, I am really happy to be here at Manchester City. » Confession day won’t be today.

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