Girona wants to draw from Barça’s reserve


By: Manu Tournoux

On December 10, 2023, Girona achieved a big blow by dominating FC Barcelona in Montjuïc (4-2). A few days after relegating the Catalan neighbor 9 lengths in the standings, it turns out that the current La Liga leader intends to strike again under Barça’s belt, but this time off the field. According to information from SPORTGirona insistently courts a young Barcelona nugget.

Indeed, the Spanish media indicates that the Catalan club has sent no less than five recruiters in recent months to supervise Mika Faye. Unknown to the general public, this young Senegalese prodigy has gradually established himself as an essential cog in the squad of Barça Atlètic, reserve team of the reigning Spanish champion. However, the task promises to be far from easy for Girona because Xavi, who holds his protégé in high esteem, has no intention of parting with him. And for good reason, SPORT tells us that the Senegalese is expected to participate in the friendly match between the Spanish team and Club América in Mexico during the winter break. For his part, Mika Faye wishes to continue his progress at Barça with a view to establishing himself there in the near future.

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