Agreement almost reached between PSG and Corinthians for Gabriel Moscardo


By: Manu Tournoux

PSG sees the end of the tunnel in the Gabriel Moscardo file. As announced on our site in recent weeks, the highly coveted 18-year-old Brazilian midfielder, currently under contract with his training club Corinthians until 2026, should in all likelihood sign up with the capital club, in search of of a defensive profile for weeks. If Chelsea have long been considered a threat in the matter, PSG was able to intervene and find the necessary arguments with those around them and the Brazilian club.

According to our information, discussions have recently intensified between PSG and Corinthians, who are now very close to reaching an agreement for the player who has appeared 17 times in the Brazilian league this season. In recent days, the president of the Paulista club, Duílio Monteiro Alves, who will leave office in January, had reaffirmed his intention to complete the departure of his player before 2024. It is almost a done deal.

The last details to be finalized

Still according to our indiscretions, the deal should be concluded around a transfer estimated at 22 million euros, an offer that we had already mentioned before. The final details, namely the economic rights of the players, are now the subject of discussions between the two clubs. Currently, Corinthians have 80% of the player’s rights. The rest belonging to Moscardo. Currently traveling to Paris with his family, the midfielder is expected to finalize his transfer next week with PSG, where a 4.5-year contract will await him.

Note that he should not be loaned to Corinthians, contrary to what had been mentioned, but will indeed be a Parisian player from January. Pending a total agreement between the two clubs, the Brazilian has even already taken up residence in the capital where he was able to take advantage of his stay to go to Disney. If his transfer is not closely linked to that of Lucas Beraldo (20), a promising Brazilian defender from Sao Paulo who should also join Paris, the two players could be presented at the same time. Might as well kill two birds with one stone.

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