Türkiye: New offensive against the referee!


By: Manu Tournoux

Turkish football has once again been shaken by an incident involving the referee and a club president.

Clearly, the presidents of the clubs do not learn the lessons of the mistakes made. After that of Ankaraguçu, author of a punch on a referee, it was the turn of that of Istanbulspor to stand out. He hasn’t gone that far in his derailment, but his behavior is just as deplorable.

Another bad publicity for Turkey

During the match between his team and Trabzonspor, he entered the field in the 74the minute and asked his players to return to the locker room. The reason ? He was not at all happy with the refereeing during this game.

The Istanbulspor players did everything to persuade their president to give up. And let them finish the game. In vain ! Inflexible, Ecmel Faik Sarıalioğlu managed to interrupt the game a quarter of an hour before its end. At least there was no fighting this time.

Turkish presidents do not learn from their mistakes

Ecmel Faik Sarıalioğlu risks paying a high price for this attitude. The national authorities and the government had promised during the previous incident to do everything to ensure that this type of scandal was not repeated. Head of State Erdogan assured that he would personally see to it. Knowing that he was warned, the culprit of the day therefore has reason to fear a heavy sanction.

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