PSG: victory or “shame” according to Riolo


By: Manu Tournoux

Journalist Daniel Riolo believes Real Sociedad is an ideal draw for Paris Saint-Germain, but not without pressure.

Paris Saint-Germain obtained a favorable draw in the round of 16 of the Champions League with Real Sociedad, who finished at the top of Group D, ahead of Inter Milan, Benfica and Salzburg. For Daniel Riolo, journalist on RMC Sport, this is good news, but the capital club must be wary.

“Obviously it was the team that everyone wanted to take in the first group. Obviously it’s a very good draw. That doesn’t mean they’re going to wander around but yes, on paper PSG must win but it’s still football,” declared the editorialist in After Foot.

The polemicist, however, stressed that this draw put the reigning French champion in a delicate position. “It’s true that it puts a form of pressure on them that the club and certain players do not know how to manage, which is to say: ‘you have to win, otherwise it will be another shame,’ he whispered. . It’s true that it’s not something they handle very well. »

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