PSG: revelations on the reasons for Mbappé’s sulk


By: Manu Tournoux

Kylian Mbappé has fueled the debates since Sunday because of his attitude on the Lille pitch (1-1).

A sullen face, a goal – from a penalty – not celebrated and non-existent withdrawals when losing the ball: Kylian Mbappé did not really show his best face during the Paris Saint-Germain match in Lille, Sunday (1-1) .
The attitude of the French world champion has generated many criticisms from observers and the fans. Renowned for his closeness to the Mbappé clan, Jérôme Rothen spoke on this subject. “ Luis Enrique gives him this freedom to try to get the best out of Kylian Mbappé, but he can’t do it“, launched the former Parisian.

Rothen explains Mbappé’s state of mind

If Rothen assures that Mbappé remains fulfilled within this squad, he also recognizes frustration with the player’s performance. “ When you’re frustrated after a bad match, the frustration also spreads throughout the week. If he shows his frustration, it is a continuation of the last matches he experienced. He creates a lot fewer chances today, also due to his positioning and his physical form. Maybe he’s fed up and needs a vacation. Luis Enrique said he is free, sometimes you find him on the left… I prefer him in good shape“, concluded the ex-French international on RMC.

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