Mourinho swings on a French international


By: Manu Tournoux

During a podcast, José Mourinho returned to his delicate relationship with Lassana Diarra at Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho will undoubtedly remain as one of the most memorable coaches of the 21st century and even of the history of football. A coach with an impressive track record and an explosive character, the Portuguese technician left his mark on all those he coached during his career. Conversely, some players have also marked it, and not always for the right reasons. Among them, Lassana Diarra evolved on the orders of Special One at Chelsea (between 2005 and 2007) then at Real Madrid (between 2010 and 2012) and caused him a lot of trouble.

The hell experienced by Mourinho

During a podcast with John Obi Mikel, Mourinho took the liberty of interrupting his former player with the Blues in order to discuss a few episodes concerning the former French international (34 caps)… and his agent. “I’m sorry to interrupt you. Lassana, I had it at Chelsea then at Real Madrid. You see all these white hairs that I have on the right side, I owe them to Lassana Diarra and her agenthe began under the amused gaze of the Nigerian. Lassana’s agent was like that. If Lassana started the match and played a good 90 minutes, the next day he demanded a new contract with more money. When Lassana was not playing and was on the bench, he asked for a meeting the following Monday to let it be known that Lassana intended to leave..

The current AS Roma coach, however, recognized that Diarra was a fantastic player. For his part, the former Marseillais and Parisian explained in 2015 that the two men could insult each other and not greet each other for a month when they played together.

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