Letellier and his family kidnapped by burglars


By: Manu Tournoux

Like several of his teammates in the past, Alexandre Letellier was the victim of a burglary at his home, the criminals being violent.

The measures taken in recent months by the management of PSG are clearly not enough. A new player from the French champions was robbed last night. According to RMC, Alexandre Letellier and his family were woken up around 2 a.m. by the home alarm after an intrusion into the garden of their property.

Although they were able to call the police to report the facts, the Parisian guard and his wife nonetheless saw four thugs appear inside their house, the four men choosing the hard way by sequestering the couple as well as their two children, aged 2 and 6. Determined to leave with loot, they threatened the couple with a knife, not hesitating to hit the former Angevin’s partner in the face in order to get money and jewelry back.

The police were nevertheless able to intervene before the four men left the property and were able to arrest three of the four individuals – two minors and an adult – who were then placed in police custody in the premises of the Versailles judicial police. While a police officer was injured in the knee, various stolen items were found on the three men as well as a knife.

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