Hugo Lloris, huge clash at Spurs


By: Manu Tournoux

The World Cup final between France and Argentina had serious consequences for the Tottenham dressing room.

PSG is not the only club to have had to ensure that the reunion between French and Argentinians, after the World Cup in Qatar, goes well. If the relations between Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, upon the former Barcelona player’s return to Paris, were closely scrutinized, Tottenham also had to manage the cohabitation between Hugo Lloris and Cristian Romero after the Qatari World Cup.

Like Emiliano Martinez, the Argentine central defender did not shine with his fair play during the World Cup final. The tone had also been set from the first minutes of the meeting when the native of Cordona went to give the French captain a nasty blow on an aerial exit, the former Nice player being left to lie for long moments on the ground.

Add to it the excesses which followed the coronation of the Albiceleste and Hugo Lloris had some reasons to have it bad against his teammate. And according to L’Equipe, the former Nice player did not try to pretend. “ The reunion in London last January was frosty. The Argentinian had to come back to the charge three times in the locker room before Hugo Lloris deigned to reconsider. explained the sports daily. A situation which did not help the Spurs…

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