Emiliano Martinez, the violent clash with a French attacker!


By: Manu Tournoux

Last weekend in the Premier League, Emiliano Martinez clashed with a French striker. An attitude that has been widely criticized across the Channel.

Emiliano Martinez’s popularity rating, already very low in France, is unlikely to improve… Guilty of multiple provocations towards the French, Kylian Mbappé in the lead, after Argentina’s coronation at the 2022 World Cup , the 31-year-old goalkeeper had a heated clash with Neal Maupay this weekend, during Aston Villa’s victory at Brentford (1-2).

At the very end of the game, the winner of the Yachine Trophy 2023 violently grabbed the former Nice player, who had remained on the ground, by the jersey to pick him up. Enough to provoke a scuffle between players from both camps and the expulsion of ex-Marseillais Boubacar Kamara. A behavior that does not cross the Channel.

“He’s a very good goalkeeper, but a bit stupid”

One of the chroniclers of Daily Mail did not mince his words when discussing the behavior of the 2022 world champion. “I don’t like Martinez at all and yesterday (Sunday) he was a disgrace. He’s an idiot, he’s embarrassing.”, said the journalist, and added: “I think he’s an idiot, to be honest. I’ll piss people off if I say this, but that’s what I think. He’s a very good goalkeeper, but a bit stupid. » The message got across well.

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