Club World Cup: jackpot coming for PSG!


By: Manu Tournoux

Football evolves with the times. Next year, the Champions League will discover its brand new format. More teams, and more matches, again. The same goes for the Club World Cup which, in 2025, will be completely transformed. On Monday, FIFA provided some details on the fate of the competition, which does not interest many people today. Just before the 2026 World Cup, in America, that of clubs will notably involve 12 European teams, including Paris Saint-Germain. A real boon for Paris.

The new Club World Cup will allow participants to replenish their coffers. We suspected it slightly, but a club like PSG for example, will surely obtain numerous bonuses, including the very probable participation bonus. “We can also add a potential qualification bonus, a participation in ticketing and TV rights which should bring in at least between 30 and 50 million euros if not more”adds Pierre Rondeau, sports economist and director of the Sports Observatory at the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, for The Parisian. Paris Saint-Germain would also gain even more visibility thanks to the new format which will come into force in 2025. Everyone is a winner, except perhaps the players, who will see their schedule become heavier…

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