Mbappé, “terrible” behavior denounced


By: Manu Tournoux

At the end of the draw between Lille and PSG (1-1), Sunday evening, Daniel Riolo was very critical of Kylian Mbappé.

As against Dortmund in the middle of last week (1-1), Paris Saint-Germain shared the points this Sunday evening in Lille (1-1), at the end of the 16th day of Ligue 1. Aligned at the forefront of the Parisian attack, Kylian Mbappé did not deliver a great performance. And despite his penalty goal, the kid from Bondy was not spared from criticism. On RMC, Daniel Riolo was not kind to the captain of the Blues.

“We are celebrating one day to the day since the lost World Cup final, where Mbappé is on the roof of the world because his level was so stratospheric. A year later, what happened to make him seem tired of playing football? For this calendar year 2023, overall, it is not great”estimated the famous editorialist.

“His attitude is deplorable this evening”

“The results, in relation to the requirements and what is expected of him, are average with even points where he is not good at all, which should not happen, Riolo continued. It’s even exasperating at times, which is more annoying. (…) His year disappointed me and the match against Losc was absolutely terrible. (…) His attitude is deplorable this evening. In the folds, there is nothing, he pretends. When he goes to defend on a guy, he does it so badly by making fouls every time with a bad mind. »

And to conclude: “We can talk about it for 10 minutes that Mbappé was bad and his attitude was terrible, there is no problem. As he gets used to high standards… Especially since the team has cleaned up for him, everything is going well and the club has rebuilt a new state of mind. Once we say all that, I have the right to ask myself if the way it is used is normal? I can’t understand why there are more and more people who consider it a good 9, Riolo asked again. He doesn’t have the movements of a 9, he doesn’t head a ball, he doesn’t play first intention. He wasn’t trained in 9, why would he be? We insult this position of 9, which has nevertheless made our football great, it’s as if it doesn’t mean anything. »

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