An “industrial accident” for PSG?


By: Manu Tournoux

An elimination of Paris Saint-Germain against Real Sociedad in the Champions League would be a huge failure for the capital club.

Paris Saint-Germain is set! It is Real Sociedad who will be the capital club’s opponent in the Champions League, and two camps were formed after this announcement. Those who believe that it could have been much worse for the Ligue 1 leader, who could have fallen on Manchester City, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. And those who warn that we must be wary of this Basque team. The truth, undoubtedly, lies between these two analyses.

This is the opinion of Samir Nasri, who said a lot of good things about this Real Sociedad team. “It’s a very good team, very attractive, but it’s an advantage for PSG, because it’s a playful team”confided the Canal+ consultant, who believes that “It’s not an easy draw. »

“Getting eliminated by Real Sociedad…”

Consultant for RMC, Fred Hermel is also cautious. “It’s the ultimate rotten draw. It may seem like Tom Thumb but it’s the team that plays the best ball in all of Spain.”explains Mr. Liga from RMC.

However, it seems difficult for PSG to approach this double confrontation without placing themselves as favorites. “But it will put pressure, because being eliminated by Real Sociedad for PSG is an industrial accident”warns former Marseillais Samir Nasri.

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