Renato Sanches humiliated by Mourinho


By: Manu Tournoux

Entering at the break against Bologna, Renato Sanches only played 18 minutes before being invited to return to the bench by José Mourinho…

Renato Sanches will probably not last long at AS Roma. In any case probably not if José Mourinho is still the coach next season. The Portuguese midfielder, on loan from Paris Saint-Germain with a mandatory purchase option if he participates in 50% of his club’s matches, spent… 18 minutes on the Bologna pitch on Sunday. Roma lost (2-0) against the players from Emilia-Romagna and, while his team was down by one goal, Mourinho attempted a move at the break by bringing in the one who had been the sensation of Euro 2016 with Portugal.

Except that a few moments after the restart, Bologna had doubled the lead with an own goal from Rasmus Kristensen. Enough to make the “Special One” want to see his copy again. Less than 20 minutes after his entry, therefore, Renato Sanches was invited to leave the pitch of the Renato Dall’Ara stadium, in favor of Edoardo Boye, without José Mourinho having the slightest glance at him as he returned. the bench.

This new option will only have served, ultimately, to damage the self-esteem of the former Munich and Lille player, since the Romans did not even reduce the gap. José Mourinho still took the time to apologize after the meeting. “I would like to say sorry to Renato Sanches. Replacing him after 18 minutes is hard for the player and the coach. I’ve only done that three or four times in my career. I feel sorry for him.”

This season, Renato Sanches participated in 8 matches in all competitions with AS Roma, scoring one goal, after a ghostly season with PSG.

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