Mesut Özil humiliates Leonardo DiCaprio and defends Arsenal!


By: Manu Tournoux

It’s been a long time since we stopped talking about Mesut Özil for his formidable left foot. At 35, the former Arsenal attacking midfielder is done with football, but obviously not with the Gunners. The German, who never keeps his tongue in his pocket, took the liberty of calling out a certain Leonardo DiCaprio on X (former Twitter).

Recently, the American actor said he didn’t follow football and even declared: “what is Arsenal?”. Piqued, Mesut Özil did not need to be asked. “Arsenal Football Club is over 25 years old… so why should they know?”, he tweets in response. A message which had its effect given its astronomical statistics (more than 15 million impressions) and which should please Gunners fans.

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