Dortmund: Edin Terzic’s rant on the Erik ten Hag rumor


By: Manu Tournoux

Borussia Dortmund is in high spirits on the European scene and cannot say the same in the league. If Edin Terzic managed to lift his team into the 1/8 finals of C1, despite a group of death made up of PSG, AC Milan and Newcastle, the new draw conceded against Augsburg (1-1) this Saturday clearly reflects the inconsistency of his group, 5th in the Bundesliga. A situation likely to annoy the German technician, weakened at a time when rumors of a possible arrival of Erik ten Hag in his place are surfacing. Present at the microphone of sky after the meeting, Terzic also appeared tense when commenting on this information.

What if I heard about the ten Hag rumors? How am I supposed to ignore this when you’ve already told me about it twice? I can’t ignore it and it’s something I can’t handlehe got annoyed. I cannot influence the questions I am asked or what people think of me. I am someone who likes to take responsibility and I like to be someone who fights. If I don’t do it, how can anyone be expected to do it for me? I have no problem with what others think of me. What matters is what the team thinks of me and the people who can observe me at work every day. And they really make me feel good.»

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