Fabinho left Liverpool too soon? The Brazilian’s astonishing response


By: Manu Tournoux

Brazilian midfielder Fabinho does not seem to regret having left Liverpool for the Saudi championship.

Al-Ittihad midfielder Fabinho is happy with his move to Saudi Arabia.

The former Monegasque left Liverpool for the Pro League last August. A decision that he accepts and which he even seems to welcome.

Fabinho is enjoying it in Saudi Arabia

He told Sky Sports: “I know we came from Europe with a responsibility to try to be competitive and teach the young players. Jeddah is a very beautiful city and yes it is different from England, Liverpool, club and many other things. There are some things we try to change and some things we try to adapt to stay the same, but in general I like it, yes.”

Fabinho could have hoped to return to action against Manchester City during the Club World Cup. But, to his great dismay, his team lost as soon as it entered the fray against the Egyptians of Al Ahly (1-3).

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