Bournemouth-Luton: match stopped after a player becomes unwell


By: Manu Tournoux

During the 17th day of the Premier League, Bournemouth opened the doors of its Vitality Stadium to promoted Luton Town this Saturday afternoon. While the visitors managed to open the score quickly in the wake of Elijah Adebayo, the locals managed to equalize in the second half thanks to an achievement by Dominic Solanke. However, the referee of the match, Mr Simon Hooper, was forced to interrupt the match at the hour mark. Indeed, the Luton Town defender, Tom Lockyer, collapsed in the middle of the match. Everything suggests a serious heart attack for the Luton captain, who had already fainted during a match last season in the Championship.

His teammate Issa Kaboré began praying as England paramedics rushed to the Wales international to perform urgent first aid. Gatters coach Rob Edwards ran onto the field to join the medical staff and ask his players to move away, before the referee decided to send both teams to the locker room. The Cherries stadium doctor confirmed Lockyer is “alert and responsive”. Pending additional information, the meeting remains suspended.

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