The ordeal of Pierre Ménès


By: Manu Tournoux

The former Canal Football Club polemicist has bitter memories of his collaboration with the game FIFA, to which he lent his voice for several years.

Having become one of the voices that count in the football landscape thanks to his role as a polemicist, at 100% Football on M6 and especially at Canal Football Club, Pierre Ménès has not limited himself to his role as a consultant. This is evidenced by his appearances in the cinema in several comedies including Trois zeros, Neuilly sa Mère or Les Tuche. In 2016, the former journalist of The Team also lent his voice to the FIFA video game, providing commentary alongside his friend Hervé Mathoux.

And it is an understatement to say that Pierre Ménès has painful memories of this experience. “ It takes five weeks when we start everything from the beginning and 15 days of recording for updates,” he confided in one of his latest videos for his Pierrot Le Foot channel, adding: “It’s is hell to do, because contrary to popular belief, we have extremely limited latitude to improvise. I even remember that for the last year I recorded, I moaned.”

Pierre Ménès was particularly unhappy with his role, which was too limited for his taste. “I was the consultanthe whispered. I didn’t have a player name, I didn’t give a player name in 15 days of registration. I was on vacation in La Baule and they brought me back to Paris to do a recording session where I finally said player names. That was already stupid. » And his state of health did not help his feelings. “The first year I recorded was 2016 and I was already very sick. I had a lot of coughing fits because my liver was no longer working. It was very painful. People may have noticed that I wasn’t very enthusiastic in the comments. I just didn’t have the strength to be more enthusiastic than I was.”

Accused of sexism and sexual assault following the broadcast of Marie Portolano’s documentary “I’m not a slut, I’m a journalist”, Pierre Ménès was in fact fired by EA Sports in spring 2021. This will undoubtedly increase his bitterness. “

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