Shocking: You won’t believe what Jack Grealish did that left everyone speechless!


By: Nicolas Gerbault

Following England’s victory over Malta, Jack Grealish had a chat with a journalism student with a disability who happens to be a Manchester United fan. Despite not playing in the match, the interaction caught the attention of many online users. During their conversation, the two men discussed Manchester City’s impressive 3-0 win over the Red Devils on October 29th.

The Skyblues winger didn’t hesitate to tease his interlocutor by saying, “I guess you didn’t enjoy the match last week.” Additionally, the 28-year-old player talked about City’s style of play and the student’s disability, expressing his desire to have legs like Grealish, particularly renowned for his calves. To wrap it up, the former Aston Villa talent promised to grant his interlocutor an interview once he becomes a journalist. The only condition set by the Englishman? Not to say anything bad about him.

Publication Date: 11/19/2023 15:19
Last Updated: 11/19/2023 17:20

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