PSG: Sergio Rico’s latest confidences on the rest of his career


By: Manu Tournoux

Victim of a very serious horse riding accident the day after Paris Saint-Germain’s coronation on the Strasbourg field on May 27, Sergio Rico (30 years old) is still under contract with the capital club (until next June ), but he has not yet put his crampons on again. After giving his news last September, the Spanish goalkeeper once again came out of silence in front of the microphone of the Cadena COPE to take stock of its development.

He admits that he feels “better every day”but that he must continue his medical follow-up. “For the moment, I’m still in Seville, I’m not yet 100% medically. I’m still in Seville for checks, so I don’t have to take the plane every time I have to come here.”he said, before adding that his heart rate is limited to a maximum of 130 beats per minute, but that he does small exercises every day. “I’m going to walk, I’m trying to regain the strength in my legs. I sleep like a baby ».

Rico will take the time it takes

Still recovering, Rico is now looking forward to returning to his life as a professional footballer. “I’m looking forward to the doctor giving me a little more freedom. I can’t wait to get back into routine, to feel like a footballer. I can’t wait to get back into it. I was very lucky, thank God, I have no after-effects, I remember everything, I coordinate when I speak, everything is perfect. » But he will not do anything crazy to hasten his return.

No question of going faster than the music, well aware that he is already lucky to be in this state after this terrible accident. “It’s a miracle, that’s what the doctors say. We are here to continue fighting and I can’t wait to get back on the field, the doctor is exhausted. I write to him from time to time to find out when I can do sports. I take it calmly, it’s not in my hands. I respect the rules of those who saved my life. »

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